Safari Downloader+ fully supports 64-bit & 32-bit devices on iOS 8.x and iOS 7.x (Support for iOS 6.x is now discontinued).

It is a Universal extension and runs on both iPhone & iPad.

Media Importer is now iOS 8 and iOS 7 compatible and supports 3G/LTE and WiFi modes.

Safari Downloader+ is a nifty extension which combines 3 apps in one package:

  • A "File Download Manager".
  • A "Video Downloader" for popular video websites like Youtube, Vevo, Dailymotion and Vimeo.
  • A "Media Importer".

It's like having "Safari Download Manager", "Protube" and "Bridge" all in one package for a fraction of their combined price, giving you an all in one solution for all your downloading needs and media related activities.

Safari Downloader+ adds a powerful, slick and easy to use download manager to Safari browser right on your iDevice. It allows you to download pretty much anything you encounter on the Web. It supports an extensive list of file types and mimes which you can configure and expand to suit your needs. Files can then be opened in any application that supports that particular file type in your device.

Safari Downloader+ also delivers a unique and fully featured solution for downloading videos for offline viewing from major video websites like YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion and Vimeo (other sites are periodically added).

And if that's not enough, SD+ integrates a standalone app for importing and viewing any supported media on your device. You can use it to fully customise the Metadata, add artwork and import the video or only the audio into various built-in supported apps: Music App, Videos App, Podcasts, Photos App...

The user interface was lovingly designed to give SD+ a clean and sexy look and feel which integrate discreetly and beautifully with iOS design.

Configure options from within the “Settings” app as well as within Safari app

Please use twitter to request new features, report bugs or simply to leave a comment.